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Sponsoring the GNOME.Asia Summit

GNOME.Asia summit 2013 will be held in Seoul, Korea. Many people say “Korea is the IT test bed. If a technology is not alive in Korea, it cannot be successful.” Korea has many IT Giant companies. Nowadays, companies around the world understand that software technology is a key factor for product success and Free and Open Source Software is the base. We hope that this event will be a place to share world-class Free and Open Source Software technology with Korean Industry.

GNOME.Asia Summit 2013 will provide a unique opportunity for stakeholders to discuss Free and Open Source Software solutions, programming, promotion and community growth challenges for the GNOME project and in Asia. Besides being a community event, the summit is set up to function as a gateway for companies interested in Asian markets.

We are offering sponsorship partnership for the event. As a sponsor, you are offered:

  • Matchmaking opportunities for companies with local enterprises, been invited to business session;
  • Marketing opportunities to be featured in conference materials and presented in media announcements;

  • Networking with highly capable developers and well-trained students.

We are expecting about 300 participants with delegates from Asia and around the world. The GNOME.Asia Summit is a unique and international conference which offers sponsors the chance to tap into fast-growing local markets, discover new business opportunities and increase awareness for their products among early adopters and technology multipliers.